Bonbons Mounir Revolution Toner, Sand Rose

Product number: SWM108
Product information "Bonbons Mounir Revolution Toner, Sand Rose "
Mounir’s signature sweetie colours really are the range’s icing on the cake with a mouthwatering selection spanning everything from Purple Moon, Desert Rose and Milkyway to Rabbit Beige, Casper, Sand, Sand Rose, Naughty Grey and Russian Blue.

For best results, apply to level 9 tones free of golds, oranges or reds.
Hair must be fully bleached for use on the roots, where the concentrate should be applied gradually before being worked down to the ends.
Our 0.20 toner can also be applied to lend a subtle violet touch, while reds and golds can be countered with toners Naughty Grey or Russian Blue for use on level 8 blondes and higher.